Why Clients Choose Foxwood’s Legal Recruitment Services

The top law firms and private practices in the country understand that the elite candidates they seek can't be found through LinkedIn or their social media direct messaging.

This is why more and more of the leading legal firms in Canada are turning to Foxwood's legal recruitment services to access our network of cherry-picked professionals that are firmly in the top 20 percentile of legal talent in the country.

Just like you wouldn't hire a surgeon off Craigslist, Foxwood's legal head-hunters keep the recruitment approach old school, ignoring the same online job boards and boilerplate resumes seemingly every legal search firm has access to.

Our unique process and highly effective approach is why more and more leading legal firms in Canada are turning to Foxwood's legal recruitment services to access our network of hand-picked legal professionals.

Clients Enjoy

No Job Boards

The top law firms and private practices across Canada and the United States understand that the elite candidates they seek can't be found through mass mailings and online postings.  It's simply not how the top 10% of candidates find new opportunities, regardless of their field of work.

Foxwood offers an alternative to recruiters who speak of candidates who are not actively searching for new opportunities and pinpoint recruiting, only to post their clients' open positions online. At Foxwood, our positions do not exist online. In fact, we don't employ any recruitment tools or tactics aimed at the masses, preferring to reach out to one candidate at a time.

Top legal talent, regardless of vacancy

Some of our clients opt into finding out about great legal talent regardless of a "known" vacancy within their team. Call us for insight on what this can mean for you or your group.

A proactive process

Most of the candidates we speak with are not actively looking for new opportunities. While we are happy to assist lawyers who are looking for new opportunities, most of the lawyers we work with are not. These are professionals who are open to a tap on the shoulder for the right opportunity at the right time, but on a day-to-day basis are focused on their clients and their next file, not their next job.

Every legal head hunter claims they're tapped into the "passive" candidate market - we mean it.

No retainers or exclusivity

In the best interest of clients and candidates alike, at Foxwood Legal, we are dead against the practice of retained search for private practice clients, (feel free to contact us for our reasons in detail), and have never fussed over a little competition, so we don't require exclusivity.

Market insight

Our approach to legal recruitment requires us to speak directly to more lawyers every month than any of our competitors, and we ask for their thoughts on a number of relevant law firms. This provides our recruiters with unmatched insight into market perception, which we are able to relay back to our clients. By being honest about what we are hearing, clients are given the opportunity to address and clear up misconceptions about their firm or practice group that they might not have otherwise known existed.

A respected recruiter’s influence

Some of our best work is done behind the scenes.

We think highly of our clients, and that comes across in every conversation we have. Foxwood recruiters have a proven ability to significantly alter market perception of a firm or practice group, expanding the overall hiring market for our client firms.


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