Why lawyers open to a career change prefer Foxwood’s legal recruitment experience

Today's legal recruitment firms work surface level, relying on nothing more than high level details to pitch opportunities based on nothing more than a candidate's online profile. We understand that what is important in an opportunity varies greatly from one lawyer to the next, and just as a doctor wouldn't write a prescription without first conducting a diagnosis, our recruiters don't pitch opportunities to people we know nothing about.

Instead, we do what other legal search firms rarely do for their candidates - ask what they want.

Taking the time to understand what is important to each candidate allows us to match them with opportunities that are in line with their professional goals, and will relieve their professional pain.

The Foxwood Way

Candidate Confidentiality

Foxwood is able to offer more and better opportunities while maintaining candidate confidentiality further into the recruiting process than any of our competitors. We take every precaution to avoid sending a candidate's information to a client only to learn that the firm is not interested in meeting with them in the first place.

No Retainers, No Exclusivity.

We don't do retainers. If we were in a candidate's shoes, we wouldn't want to speak to a recruiter who's trying to sell us on the one job he or she is under pressure to fill.

Refusing retainers allows us to offer candidates a full range of options in the market along with unbiased advice, giving the good and the bad with every opportunity.

Real Law Career Consulting

Throughout the recruitment process, our legal head hunters provide valuable and relevant interview preparation sessions, critical interview debrief calls, and expert coaching.

We believe that, with all things being equal, a Foxwood candidate will come out on top 100% of the time.

We're in the Business of Helping Lawyers

By receiving access to our network, candidates are able to get a better understanding of the culture of the firms and corporations that they are considering. Our network is vast and dense, and our contacts are happy to answer questions, knowing the same support network will be available to them the next time they find themselves in a similar situation.

Specialized Legal Recruitment Services

Our specialization allows us to offer placements in large practices and access to managing partners and practice chairs, helping candidates get a better feel for a potential move.

As such, candidates are able to do more due diligence on the firms and partner practice groups than they would receive through other legal recruitment services. We answer any questions our candidates have with first-hand knowledge from our network of legal professionals working throughout every highly-regarded law firm in the country. 

The lawyers in our network are also happy to answer questions or explain past experiences to candidates who are currently in the market for new opportunities, knowing the same support network will be available to them the next time they find themselves in a similar situation. 

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