Foxwood’s Legal Recruitment Process

In legal recruitment, headhunting seems to mean pitching opportunities to potential candidates before knowing anything about them. At Foxwood, we don't claim to have the "perfect" opportunity for someone based solely on their high level details.

Our process delves deep into what is important to each person individually. We take the time to understand their professional pain and professional goals so that we can match candidates with clients based on information, rather than assumptions.

Our methods have proven highly effective in the recruitment of candidates who are perhaps skittish and not actively looking for new opportunities, and our non-assumptive approach has been praised by lawyers at all levels. We regularly hear from senior partners that, in their 20-30 years in private practice, we were the first recruiters to ask them what they wanted.

While our competitors are pitching opportunities, we get to work on filling them.

No Job Boards. Period.

Foxwood postings do not exist online. We prefer the old school approach of extensive referrals, and peer reviews, to find the top in each practice area.

No Selling Jobs. No Coercing Candidates.

By refusing to work on retainer, we have the luxury of not having to discuss opportunities with candidates until we get to know them first. This allows us to better understand their true wish list and career trajectory, and to make matches for the right reasons. Once we have a grasp of their ambitions, we can focus on finding the perfect client/candidate match.

Honest. Integrity.

In order to give both candidates and clients exactly what they want, communication must be open and honest. With Foxwood Legal Search, satisfaction is paramount.

No retainers.

We are strongly against the practice of retained search for private practice for many reasons that we are adamant about. Feel free to ask us to explain further.


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