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Canada’s Business Lawyer Recruiters

After building the most successful tax search firm in Canada - Foxwood Tax Search - with our unique recruitment procss, we leverated our proven approach to become Canada's leading recruiter of business lawyers for law firms and corporations.


Legal recruitment, the right way

By recruiting the right way, Foxwood has been able to maintain one of the highest client and candidate satisfaction ratings, and one of the lowest interview-to-placement ratios in the entire search industry.


In legal recruitment, headhunting seems to mean claiming to have the "perfect" opportunity for someone before you've taken the time to learn what is important to them.

Our legal recruitment process delves deep into what a candidate is truly looking for in their next position - we don't make assumptions or pitch opportunities based solely on a person's high-level details. We take the time to understand a candidate's professional pain and professional goals so that we can match candidates with clients based on information, rather than assumptions.

Our methods have proven highly effective in the recruitment of passive and skittish candidates, and our approach is one that has been praised by lawyers at all levels.  We've had senior partners who have told us that in their 20-30 years in private practice, we were the first recruiters to ask them what they wanted.

While our competitors are more concerned with pitching opportunities, we get to work on filling them.



Our expertise is not law, but in recruitment.

We are recruiters, not lawyers turned recruiters. The expertise that our competitors bring to the table is one that law firms and corporate legal departments already possess in-house, whereas Foxwood offers a fresh perspective, and skills that complement those of our clients.

In addition to our friends in Professional Resources, our recruiters foster and maintain meaningful relationships with the Managing Partners and Practice Leads of some of the best law firms and practice groups in the country. This allows us to get ahead of posted positions, and to provide candidates with meaningful feedback throughout the interview process.

Foxwood's partners perform amongst the top 1% in the search industry, have held senior leadership positions with multinational recruitment firms, and have trained the talent acquisition departments of  Fortune 500 companies on topics such as  The Candidate Experience and  Neuro-linguistic Programming for Recruitment. For the first time, there are real recruiters in legal recruitment!


Law Careers Consulting

In addition to recruitment and representative services, Foxwood provides exceptional consultative services to all our candidates.

Foxwood Candidates are Better Candidates

While it is true that Foxwood offers access to more and better opportunities than any other legal search firm, it's the work that we do for our candidates after securing an interview with a client that really separates us from the pack.

Foxwood recruiters add significant value throughout the entire hiring process, from valuable and relevant interview preparation sessions and critical post-interview debrief calls, to expert negotiation and resignation coaching. As a result, our candidates are always better prepared and better informed.



The team loved her. She made a fantastic impression. Hope its reciprocal. We are glad to have you on our side.

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