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Changing the game

Since expanding our recruitment services to include legal search, Foxwood has been redefining the relationship between lawyer and recruiter and raising the bar for legal search professionals across Canada and the United States.


Legal recruitment, the right way

By recruiting the right way, Foxwood has been able to maintain one of the highest client and candidate satisfaction ratings, and one of the lowest interview-to-placement ratios in the entire search industry.


In legal recruitment, headhunting seems to mean pitching opportunities to potential candidates before knowing anything about them. At Foxwood, we don't claim to have the "perfect" opportunity for someone based solely on their high level details. We take the time to understand their professional pain and professional goals so that we can match candidates with clients based on information.



At Foxwood, our expertise is not in law, but in recruitment. We are recruiters, not lawyers turned recruiters. The expertise that our competitors bring to the table is one that law firms and corporate legal departments already possess in-house, whereas Foxwood offers a fresh perspective and skills that complement those of our clients.



In addition to our friends in Professional Resources, Foxwood maintains strong relationships with General Counsel, Regional Managing Partners and the Practice Leads of many of the top practice groups and in-house legal departments across Canada and the United States. These relationships allow us to stay ahead of openings, and provide us with insight into a firm's wants, in addition to their pressing needs.


The Foxwood Advantage

When it's time for a candidate to meet a client, the advantage of Foxwood's recruitment expertise become clear. While it is true that Foxwood offers access to more and better opportunities than any other legal search firm, it's the work that we do for our candidates after securing an interview with a client that really separates us from the pack.

Foxwood recruiters add significant value throughout the entire hiring process, from valuable and relevant interview preparation sessions and critical post interview debrief calls, to expert negotiation and resignation coaching. As a result, our candidates are always better prepared and better informed.

From the client perspective, the information we provide hiring partners around a candidate's true motivations, and our unmatched knowledge of the candidate experience and candidate psychology gives our clients a significant advantage over the competition in the war for talent.

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